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Milk Honey & Rum bring the delicious recipes of Piemonte all around the world. Is the #1 website of Piemonte recipes for Internationals. I really love to help people to taste the flavor of my childhood, that I continue to love and taste.

What is Piemonte cuisine?

Piemonte cuisine is very different from the Italian you already know. It has surprisingly new delicious, healthy and easy recipes.

#1 Surprisingly new delicious recipes

Not the standard Italian cuisine

Piemonte have created a unique cuisine, by combining flavors, recipes, ingredients and traditions from the world. Because of the history of our territories the Piemonte cuisine couldn’t be considered similar to the one that abroad is called Italian, that is from Lazio, Campania, and other Middle and South Italy Regions. We have had many nordic and international influences from France to the East.

Piemonte cuisine has two delicious kind of cuisine. The noble cuisine of the court of Savoy, and those from the peasant tradition. The cuisine of the court has very rich dishes that were served in the sumptuous banquets of the court such as chocolate, Zabaione, Mixed Bollito and Piemonte Fried Mixed. The peasant cuisine has recipes made with simple ingredients such as panissa, Bagna Cauda, Finanziera.

Finest wine pairing. Piemonte wines are very famous all around the world. We have a very ancient history of winemakers, vines and grapes. In Piemonte each food has its wine to be paired with. It’s a culture, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a tradition. We ever taste food with specific wine, we love to taste different pairings and enjoy the combined flavors.

#2 Healthy recipes

High variety of ingredients, many vegetables, few meat and fats.

Meat was consumed just in few occasions. We can say that Piemonte cuisine is mostly, in its everyday shape, a vegetarian cuisine. Eggs, milk and butter were used to fill the dish in the past, whilst meat was used only in special occasions like holidays and sundays. Moreover our granny were used to cook small farm animals like chicken, rabbit, quail, rather than the big cattle.

#3 Easy recipes

A friendly way of cooking

The traditional Piemonte recipes have born in a time when cooking was made while women were doing other things. Therefore recipes must be easy to prepare, with quick and few steps, and short time of cooking. It is a very modern cuisine.

3 Things I do to simplify recipes

To make Piemonte recipes really feasible for a worldwide home cooking I adapt every recipe. Behind each recipe there’s a whole world of research and study to let you taste the original flavor that you would love to experience if you be right here. I adapt ingredients, ease procedures and take procedure pictures.

#1 Adapt Ingredients

International substitute for the regional ingredients

Each and every ingredient must be available in your countries. I’m very selective in researching the right ingredients that could fit the recipes instead of the local ones, because they must preserve the original flavor of the recipes. At the end of selection and testing the smell and flavor must be delicious, unique and original.

International Ingredients measures

Ingredients measures are provided converted. You find cups and ounces instead of milliliters and grams. You find also an Ingredient converter, just in case.

#2 Ease Procedures

I simplify procedures, appliances and timing of each recipe

For every recipe I organize the procedures steps so that you find easy to go through the recipe. I adapt the procedures to our appliances turning the oldest instructions to a modern way of cooking. I adapt the procedures and appliances also to fit the timing of recipes so they could be prepared in shortest time.

#3 Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

A picture is worth a thousand words

I take pictures of every action that my hands do. I think that sometimes things seems difficult just because you have never seen them before. I take photo of every things that I do, so it is just like if you are in my kitchen while I’m cooking. You can check the recipe in progress and do it “with me”.

High quality recipes

Recipes are released only when they are perfect for my standards. This means three things:

#1 Oversimplified recipes

Recipes must be really feasible and friendly for a worldwide cooking. I’m very selective in this process.

#2 Delicious flavor recipes

Easy but delicious. I never miss flavor to ease a recipe. Piemonte recipes simplify my work, because they are easy enough to be oversimplified never missing great savor.

#3 Mouth-watering photos recipes

When a recipe is ready the scent in my house is amazing. If you were here… Right! I send you gorgeous pictures!

1 Recipe at a time

Hastily done is ill done

I want to provide surprisingly new delicious, healthy and easy recipes. I spend great time to do that. I love to see you happy cooking and tasting my new recipes. Food is the basic way to take care.


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