Bollito Misto Recipes Guide

Bollito Misto Recipes Guide

The definitive Guide for cooking and eating greatest delicious Northern Italian mixed boiled meat. Bollito Misto Recipes Guide: all the recipes and sauces, simple tips.

Bollito Misto Recipes Guide

This one of the most famous meat stew of Northern Italy. It is a stew of mixed meat with a very ancient history. It was a noble dish, as it was prepared for the court using high qualities meats. Now we use it in Holiday occasions, mainly in the cold seasons. In the very ancient Piemonte tradition Bollito Misto was prepared the thursday before Christmas.

The thousands flavors recipe

It is perfect when you want to serve a meat based main dish but you know your guests have many different tastes. Bollito Misto is a perfect meat dish that satisfy the tastes of all, because people add flavors using sauces. You serve it plain, with all the sauces typical of Piemonte but also with your favorite sauces like mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, oil, salt, and pepper. Imagine many bowl on your table filled with sauces around the main dish. It is easy and delicious, that’s it. You just need to follow the recipe instructions and never miss our secrets for the greatest ever Bollito Misto.

We serve it typically with at least one of these sauces:

  • Green Sauce: is the par excellence sauce to accompany boiled. It’s traditional name is Bagnetto verde, literally “Green little bath”, prepared with parsley, anchovies, eggs and crumb of bread soaked in vinegar.
  • Red Sauce: is the second great and very traditional sauce for Bollito Misto. It is called Bagnetto rosso literally, “Red little bath” and it is cooked with tomatoes, vegetables and spices.
  • Honeybee sauce: in Piemonte it is called Sausa d’Avije that literally means sauce of honeybee, salsa di api in italian, it is very simple and delicious and it is prepared with mustard powder, honey and walnuts.
  • Garlic Sauce: one of the easiest sauces of Piemonte. It’s original name is Agliata. It is prepared with eggs and garlic.
  • Sweet Pepper Sauce: Salsa di Peperoni:  made with sweet pepper bell, bagnetto rosso and pickled vegetables
  • Poor man’s Sauce: Salsa del Povr’om: literally “” it is prepared with sauce that remains from cooking stews or braised, vinegar, bread crumbs and pepper.
  • Pink Sauce: in italian its name is Salsa rosa, prepared with tomatoes sause, anchovies, garlic and parsley.
  • Horseradish Sauce: Salsa di cren: “Horseradish sauce” prepared with horseradish, crumb of bread soaked in vinegar and pepper.

This list is not complete. I will add periodically new sauces recipes, as soon as they are ready.

In Piemonte we always use to serve Bollito Misto with two other kind of flavouring. Never miss to place on the table:

  • integral coarse salt
  • extra virgin olive oil

Many people love to season Bollito Misto just with a few grains of integral coarse salt and a drizzle of olive oil. If it is the first time you eat Bollito Misto you really need to try this typical kind of topping.

The never fed up meat recipe

As you could prepare it in many different ways you can cook Bollito Misto many times, never get fed up, but each time improving results and savor. Once you get the main flavor and secrets you can be creative and try different vegetables and meat cuts, composing the tastes as you prefer. This is an easy recipe, with a long life in your cookbook as you can always change some ingredient creating something new. Perfect for children, for who needs to slow down fat and calories in diet. 

Here in Piemonte we have mainly two versions of Bollito Misto:

  1. Bollito Misto Basic Recipe
  2. Bollito Misto Luxury Recipe

Meat Cuts

Bollito Misto Basic Recipe Meat Cuts

Bollito Misto Basic Meat Cuts

The meat cuts for the Bollito Misto basic recipe are 3:

  • Head of veal: Testina
  • Plate/Flank cuts: the Scaramella and Biancostato italian cuts
  • Foreshank boneless: Muscolo


Head meat is the meat that remains on the skull after the removal of the skin, cheeks, tongue and lips. It is a very fat cut, and must be boiled alone, using a different pan.

Plate/Flank cuts

Bollito Misto Recipe Meat Cut
Scaramella includes “Beef Plate, Inside Skirt (IM)” MBG 121D and “Beef Loin, Steak Tail” MBG 176

The Scaramella and Biancostato, in the international meat cuts manual, are not specific meat cuts as in Italy are. I have made a long research to understand how to provide the best solution for this bollito misto basic cuts. This is the best way to overcome these differences. I have used, beside the cuts’ names, the Meat Buyer Guide number, so it will be very easy to find these meat cuts in your groceries or to ask theme to your butcher.


With respect to the Scaramella I must note that the different ways to slaughter make different type of meat that you will find from your butcher. The italian Scaramella is made ​​up of 3 body parts: the external oblique muscle of abdomen, internal oblique muscle of the abdomen and the transversus abdominis muscle. These parts are slaughtered and cut in a different way in the United States:

  1. the transverse muscle is sold alone and constitutes the “Beef Plate, Inside Skirt (IM)” MBG 121D
  2. the internal oblique muscle of the abdomen and the abdominal external oblique are sold together in the “Beef Loin, Steak Tail” MBG 176

So if you want to cook the original Bollito misto you can try to buy both MBG 121D and MBG 176, tie them together on one another and boil the meat in this way.


Another cuts we use, instead of Scaramella that we really prefer, is the Biancostato, for which the differences recurs. The Biancostato is a part of the anatomy that includes together the rectus abdominis and the external oblique muscle of the abdomen (Obliquus externus adbominis). In the United States is used to separate these two muscles in two different pieces:

  1. the rectus abdominis is sold as “Beef Flank” or “Flank Steak” MBG 193
  2. the external oblique muscle of the abdomen instead is part of the “Strip Loin” MBG 182 and of the “Beef Loin, Steak Tail” MBG 176

In many recipes is told to use ONLY the flank steak, but this has a very different result, as the meat in flank steak is very thin, while the Biancostato is a rough cut of third choice, full of gristle and fat. The flavor change consistently using only the flank steak. Also in this case you can try to “recreate” the original cut, buying the flank steak and “Beef Loin, Steak Tail” MBG 176, tying them together.

Foreshank Boneless

Is located in the region of the forequarter leg between the carpus and elbow. The anatomical basis of bone is made ​​up of the radius and ulna. It is formed by a large set of muscles and tendons:

  • extensor muscle oblique metacarpal
  • extensor muscle front of the metacarpal
  • extensor muscle of the third finger
  • extensor muscle of the anterior phalanges
  • extensor muscle of the fourth finger
  • muscle cubital external
  • latissimus handheld
  • cubital internal muscle
  • flexor surface of the phalanges
  • deep flexor of the phalanges

Bollito Misto Luxury Recipe Meat Cuts

Bollito Misto Luxury Recipe Meat Cuts

The meat cuts for the typical Bollito Misto luxury recipe, that we call Gran Bollito Misto are 7:

The 3 meat cuts of Bollito Misto Basic recipe plus the following 4:

  1. Tongue
  2. Tail
  3. Capon or Hen or Rooster or Chicken: during the Christmas time we can find capon, otherwise we use one of the others. You can chose what you prefer, I have listed them in order of traditional use.
  4. Cotechino: it is very typical and of good luck, it is always included in Bollito Misto and in the New Year’s Eve, when it’s served with lentils.


Simple and great recipe

Bollito Misto is a really simple and easy recipe. To prepare a great and delicious Bollito Misto you just need to read and always use 3 simple secret surefire tips.

Get 3 Tips for Cooking Delicious Bollito Misto

Bollito Misto Basic Recipe

It is the basic and easiest one Bollito Misto recipe, in terms of types of meats, quantities and preparation. It is prepared only with three cuts of beef and vegetables. It is very quick and easy recipe. Try it to start your Piemonte recipe experiments, or simply to taste a very good easy dinner ideas with family and friends. This is perfect for children because the flavor is really simple, savory but not spiced.

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Bollito Misto Luxury Recipe

This is the most complete version of Bollito Misto. It is prepared for Holiday dinners, when families meets and dine together. It is prepared with seven different meat cuts, is a recipe created for convivial dinners and its minimum dose serve eight people.

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3 Tips for Cooking Delicious Bollito Misto Piemonte Recipe

3 Tips for Cooking Delicious Bollito Misto

3 Simple surefire tips for cooking great delicious Bollito Misto

3 Tips for Cooking Delicious Bollito Misto

Bollito Misto is one of the main and famous Piemonte recipe. Its ease and its delicious flavor are guaranteed if you follow three simple tips.

If you want to know more about Bollito Misto recipes and how to serve it in a delicious and perfect Piemonte style read my guide to Bollito Misto Recipes Guide. There you can even find all what you need to know to chose the right meat cuts, that is really important.

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There are only three things you need to take care while cooking:

  • Boiling water. Always, always, and always again, add meat only when the water boils. Because by putting the meat in already boiling water the outer walls of the pieces of meat cook quickly and allow to maintain inside all the flavor and nutrients. By placing the pieces of meat into cold water, however, the meat slowly releases its nutrients and tastes into the warming water. We have a saying in Piemonte to help to remember this simple rule, that translated sound like this:

    If a good bollito you want to eat

    in boiling water must be placed the meat.

    If a meat broth delicious you need to prepare,

    meats and vegetables a cold warming bath must share.

  • The right order. Add meat cuts in the correct order. Every meat has different time of cooking, it’s important to consider it. You can chose between two solutions:
    1. put all at the same time and then remove one by one as they are cooked or
    2. adding one by one the cut meats considering their cooking time so they will be ready at the same time.

I strongly advice you to chose the #2. Adding each one in the right order avoid to place the meat in the oven to stay warm while waiting the serving time. In this operation meat miss its flavor and dry. Thus, you just need a bit of math skills, calculating the time when you have to add cut meats starting the count from when you want to serve your Bollito Misto. Before the longest time cooking then one by one the others, considering the time when you want to serve your Bollito Misto:

Head of veal: 3 hours

Plate/Flank cuts, tongue, Foreshank Boneless, tail: 2.30 hours

Capon, or hen or rooster or chicken: 1.15 hour

Cotechino: 1 hour

Let’s try to simulate as if we were in your kitchen. Let me suppose you want to serve at 7 pm:

    1. 3.30pm: you can place your pots with vegetables and aromas to boil
    2. 4.00pm: as soon as the water boil, add head of veal
    3. 4.30pm: add Plate/Flank cuts, tongue, tail and Foreshank Boneless
    4. 5.45pm: add the hen or the chicken
    5. 6.00pm: add the cotechino

Please note that this instructions are valid for all the Bollito Misto Recipes, of course for the Bollito Misto Basic Recipe you have just three meat cuts: head, shin and flank steak therefore you will use the first three steps.

  • Vegetables. The delicious taste of Bollito Misto is due by combining the flavors of meat and vegetables and pot herbs. In Piemonte we do love to add many aromatic herbs to our dishes. This habit it is also healthy, as it permits to reduce salt and artificial aromas to recipes. Therefore never miss to put in your pot at least these ones:
    • 1 carrot
    • 1 celery
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • 1 onion
    • 1 bunch of parsley

Now that you know the secrets you can chose to cook the Basic or the Luxury recipe.

What is your favorite Bollito Misto Recipe?

Chose the Basic recipe if you are looking for something special to enrich your daily dinner:

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Chose the Luxury recipe if you want to add a lot of (Northern) Italian Style and Gusto to your Holiday table:

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