The Complete Guide to Bagna Cauda

«I wrote this ebook to give anyone the opportunity to easily prepare, enjoy and offer Bagna Cauda at home.»


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Bagna cauda is the essence of Piemonte

Bagna Cauda is the dish symbol of Piemonte well known internationally and a very essential part of the tradition and culture of Piemonte.

Bagna cauda is a dish born in the cold autumn nights of Piemonte, between the valleys shrouded in mist and the smell of must.

It is a dish made with simple and poor ingredients, that was the basics of the peasant diet of the people of Piemonte.

There are many Bagna Cauda recipes

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of recipes of Bagna Cauda, because it is a familiar dish and every small town, every farm, every family had its ingredients, its dose and its tricks to make this simple dish a veritable tribute to the “goodness of the simplicity”.

This dish is still the symbol of Piemonte in the world, wherever there are groups of people from Piedmont. In Brazil, in Australia and in many other countries, are still prepared similar dishes, descendants of the Bagna Cauda.

Bagna cauda is the perfect dish to taste wine

It is the dish of wine par excellence, one of the dishes that arises during winemaking and that accompanies some of the wine symbols of Piemonte: red wines, full bodied, tannic sometimes.

Bagna Cauda is a perfect dish for festivity and eves

It is the dish of the poor, who had nothing, but they knew that the belly is not really sated if, with a little bit of food, does not enjoy the family and the joy of being reunited together after the work in the fields, around a table and in the heat of the stoves.

What you’ll find in this the ebook

My main purpose is to to give anyone the opportunity to easily prepare, enjoy and offer Bagna Cauda at home. As the goal of Milk Honey and Rum is to pair recipes with culture, thus I decided to talk about the recipes, the ingredients, and the wines along with the history of the dish and of its ingredients. Here you’ll find the 5 most famous recipes, plus the one on Milk Honey and Rum, along with the way you could taste it better.

Briefly in this guide you’ll find:

  • The 5 most famous and delicious Bagna Cauda recipes
  • The wine to pair with Bagna Cauda to bring out the flavour
  • The complete list of vegetables
  • Some unexpected, but still traditional, ingredient to discover
  • How to serve it in a perfect Piemonte style
  • The full and complete history of Bagna Cauda and of each of its ingredients
The interest in Piemonte recipes is growing fast and I’m very happy to be a part of all this, conveying the recipes I love.

You can find the original page for the ebook here:

The Complete Guide to Bagna Cauda

Elisa Cerruti
 Founder, Milk Honey and Rum, Piemonte recipes enthusiast

I hope you enjoy it!
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