3 Easter Recipes Ideas Quick, Easy, Healthy, Piemonte Style

Easter is coming and if you are looking for something new for your family and friends, maybe for a picnic, a brunch or something really easy you are in the right place.

Easy recipes for a complete meal

These 3 recipes are very easy, oversimple I could almost say. They will be loved from all the family. You can use all together as a complete health meal or pick just some of them to enrich your Easter table.

Comfort food

I chose, for this Easter, 3 recipes easy and comfortable. A true comfort food. They are ideal for a picnic, they can also be served cold for a brunch with friends or for a lunch at home maybe in the greenery of your garden. They can all be prepared the day before, refrigerate and serve cold or at room temperature.

These are also recipes for a romantic picnic for two.
The kids will love the cup savoy, and will be amazed by fairy omelette made ​​with the flowers of the forest.

Healthy recipes

These Easter recipes are all healthy recipes, low in fat and carbohydrates, rich in nutrients, very balanced and economical. Are also a new and fun way to try the cuisine of Piedmont.

Wine Pairings

They are very good accompanied with good wine from Piemonte, such as a Barbera or as an Arneis or a Erbaluce. But you can enjoy them with local wine, or a beer, or simply with water.

Primrose FrittataSpring SaladBowl of Savoy

Primrose Frittata Recipe - Picnic, Healthy, Brunch, Cheap Idea

Healthy cheap frittata recipe. With primroses and eggs. Baked. Salt, oil and butter free. A fairy, romantic recipe. Perfect for picnic, brunch, or as a starter. Go to Primrose Frittata recipe >

Spring Salad Recipe Piemonte

An healthy salad recipe, fresh and delicious, rich in colors and nutrients. An easy dinner recipe. Save Spring Piemonte salad recipe with your healthy dinner ideas and your salad recipes. Go to Spring Salad recipe >

Bowl of Savoy

Bowl of Savoy is a delicious cream cheese dessert. It is very fresh and savory. Easy, quick and cold. Perfect for Holidays. Could be prepared the day before with a great flavor. Go to Bowl of Savoy recipe >

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